Designerblock in Ventura Lambrate, text and photos by Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers, Designerblock is a collecttive that  presents ideas and concepts created by independent designers  from around the world . The exhibition this year takes place in the Ventura district , with more than 100 designers from UK, Poland, Japan, Israel, The Netherlands, Austria, Italy and more… Since 1998 Design Block has produced over 60 exhibitions in 10 countries. This is just a  selection of the works that I liked.

Salone ventura 055
Salone ventura 056
Polish artist and designer Agnieszka Lasota's with the work The Dowry

Salone ventura 029
The Ghost Chair, Domestic Disguise by Emiliie Pallard

Salone ventura 015
Salone ventura 017
Salone ventura 060
Ready to wear chair by Jennifer Flume: the chair describes the importance of intimicy

Salone ventura 024
Salone ventura 030
Salone ventura 032
Salone ventura 045
New Times New Heroes, by Lore Langendries a Belgium designers , she developed an innovative method
to unite  the design strategies of the prototypical craftsman and industrial design. The necklaces show the imperfections of the perfect industrial machine.

Salone ventura 036
Shirt for table

Salone ventura 057
Salone ventura 025
Maria Volokhova Sheep Chase : a sheeep head wich is both a piece of art and functional vessel

  Salone ventura 066
Salone ventura 064
Chiara Scarpitti, I love her work and will post more of it later.

Salone ventura 067
Chiara's friend with his creation..  more about him later.Salone ventura 027
 Salone ventura 052
Salone ventura 021
 I'm going to sleep with this sweet sheep..

More to come… Stefania