Marco de Rivera reports on Olivier Martel


They are 80, all continents and all cultures of our planet. Women eternal Olivier Martel exposed on the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Over 35 years of research led the photojournalist into the privacy of peoples from Africa and Asia, forgotten minorities within America or Europe. In incredible landscapes, it captures a Russian surprise by the snow on a road in Western Siberia and the Swahili women who cover themselves with a vegetable paste as a facial mask or protection.

In "Women eternal, " Olivier Martel wants to put a woman's soul into an image and give these women a unique opportunity to show their daily struggles, their hopes and make them the respect and dignity they deserve. His pictures are hot and brilliant clarity as the color that contrasts with violence.

Until 15 June, the gates of the Luxembourg gardens host 80 portraits of women by the photographer Olivier Martel.


Marco de Rivera