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Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met Nim, the designer behind Posthuman Wardrobe a few years ago when he was at the British Embassy in Paris after his MA show. He made tailored outfits for free-runners and I was quite impressed by his work. He's just about to go into his third season, his brand is based in London/Brigton and is currently in Wolf&Badger in Notting Hill and on Not-Just-A-Label. 

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Posthuman Wardrobe specializes in combining traditional Savile Row tailoring and construction techniques with the physical requirements of various extreme sports. The new AW11 collection: Hyper-divergence, is a physical and psychological exploration of Capoeira. All the pieces have been designed to appear classical and slim fitting but are engineered with specific sportswear details and fabrics to afford the wearer complete freedom of movement.

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Next season they are teaming up with the Antique furniture company La Maison to produce a collaboration collection themed around the concept of extreme-luxury-lounging. They will refine and distill their DNA further and all elements will be infused with slight layers and subtle panels of upholstery fabrics. The entire collection will be photographed and balanced perfectly on sofas, chairs and other furniture to create a world of elegant yet intense relaxation. Bodies gracefully melting into and re-emerging from pieces of furniture – an extrapolation of stillness and calm – the pinnacle of serenity.



Diane Pernet

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