Marco de Rivera reports on Tatania Parcero

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"My work starts with my biography and personal rituals of daily life. I explore sensations and emotions, which, even though they are intimate or individual, are included in the more ample sphere of the feminine and the human. With this idea I move from the specific to the general. My experience is transformed into the thought of what other women or human beings might live through.

I started with the exploration of my external body as a way of knowing myself. Later, I included objects which would help me to define visually, individual and social metaphors. After that I went beyond the boundaries of the skin to start the exploration of my inner body.

The images to be found in "Cartographies" are the continuum of a project which I started three years earlier, by the name of " El Mapa de Mi Cuerpo" ( the map of my body) in which I brought together the notions of identity, memory and territory.

By means of combining pictures of fragments of my body with diagrams from anatomy as well as old codices, I have constructed maps – metaphoric/rituals- and reinvented my history. I explore inner and outer spaces guided by such maps as a starting point. With these images, I try to see through the memory of my body that which goes beyond the boundaries of the skin. "

Tatiana Parcero


Marco de Rivera