BL33N coming soon….May 2011 created by Matthias and Donovan VRIENS-MC GRATH


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Back in the 90's Matthias Vriens was one of the founders of DUTCH Magazine, a publication that influenced the way we looked at magazines for the next few decades.  That was when I first became aware of his power to provoke. Last month  Matthias and Donovan  Vriens-Mcgrath were in Paris and we met to talk about their new child…BL33N

Donovan & matthias vriens-Mcgrath

It's all about celebrating the  body and the t-shirt…the designs are on the inside of the t-shirts, when you pull them over your head they reveal the body and create a personalized mask.  Our mutual friend, the Art DIrector, Donald Schneider was the first to put BL33N  on the cover of a recent issue of STERN. May 2011 is when BL33N will officially launch…

SH10_045480 1finalStern cover


Sh15-053523 1

DP: Take me through creative director / editor in chief Dutch Magazine, worldwide creative director Giorgio Armani and senior art director Gucci Group

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