Marco de Rivera reports on Michal Batory







SACHA  Batory by Marco de Rivera 030

For this first major retrospective in a French museum, Michal Batory chose to share his graphic and reveal the background.

Upon entering the exhibition, the visitor is immersed in the privacy of his studio. The first room is an evocation. It reveals a faded flower used for Card's 2008 Adami, a sculpture of a chair made with matches for the poster "Creepage distance" for the Theatre de Chaillot, cameras, computers, books , the background music, postcards pinned, photo essays for a future project. Great albums of work will also be presented, allowing the visitor to understand the different stages of its creation: to order, comes the thought, the idea translates into a systematic pattern, then comes the plastic work, sculpture and assemblage objects that Batory photography. The resulting image is sometimes reworked by computer, sometimes not, then layout.

In other rooms, visitors can discover 75 posters or review large format grouped by theme: dance, music, theater. The last three rooms are dedicated: one at the Theatre de la Colline and two others at the Theatre de Chaillot.

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