David TIbet with friends and a fan’s tattoo of one of his album covers

A fan made a tattoo of one of David Tibet's album covers…devotion…

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met David Tibet in FLorence where he was the inspiration behind Fabio Quaranta's menswear collection and performed live for the show. 

Antony marc almond david tibet

Antony and Marc Almond in London with David Tibet

Nick Cave
Nick Cave

Susie Bick Cave wearing one of David's bag designs using Coptic text…one of his great loves is translating texts from the original Coptic, primarily non-canonical Christian, Gnostic and monastic writings.

The albino owl

David TIbet is currently planning his tour in Athens, Bologna, Berlin and Hamburg. In addition he will have some exhibitions of his paintings in NYC and is working on three books and an album that will be released in March…

X david tibet 2011 januari 020

David Tibet and DP photo by Chiristina de Vos



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