Waiting Room -AI_ fall collection…art direction Andrea Incontri short film by Yuri Ancarani

Dear Shaded Viewers,

We had programmed the live streaming of AI_ collection and this beautiful film directed by Yuri Ancarani. Evidently there was a bug…. I am waiting for them to send me the film so I can show it to you. It is beautiful and was called the Waiting Room and was a film to express the AI collection of bags and accessories, which I might add were also beautiful. I thought that you'd be watching it so I did not take any real images. The waiting room embodies the time of change to which anything can happen. A physical and mental place, space to experience change and bring it along. In the same way a bag becomes the silent receptacle attending men and women in their everyday life. The film is an emotional picture slowly moving, a glance at the private walls of men and women a performance outlined in a short film, a show where time is the protagonist. Scenes of life acted out by real people, their stories multiplying at a modulated rhythm. DIfferent ways of transposing waiting. 


I will show you more once I have the film. You cannot really see the bags in this image but they were beautiful.



All Diane\s photos taken with SAMSUNG NX10

Diane Pernet

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