Tamara Cincik reports: The bees knees: the real hemline dilemma this season!..


This post was originally made by Tamara Cincik Sept 2008. I am reposting it in response to an e mail I received today from Graham Tabor about the billions of bees that are dying off all over America and that is putting the entire food chain in danger. The bees do not just make honey they are the giant, humble workforce that pollinates 90% of the crops.


While we twirl and strut on porn-high super heels, maintaining a delicate yet riveted balance, eyes averted from the front-page news of bank closures, credit crunch regimes and economic crises; we the pretty people are ignoring the real potential disaster to hit: not only the super-luxe, but all of us – the decimation of bees!
Something like a third of bees died in the last year, the reason why is unclear and without appropriate government research. Bees pollinate a third of the food we consume, reputedly the extinction of bees would mean our demise too within 7 years. If bees die, quite literally so will we, and up until that point food prices will increase dramatically.
So what can we do to help?
Sign the Slow Food petition link below to encourage government research.

Consider keeping bees, however daunting that might sound, in a corner of your garden: beekeeping courses are now booking up fast, and there is a huge increase in urban beekeeping – be(e!) a part of a key, cool trend for this Autumn/Winter!..
Grow your own food: even if it’s just tomatoes and herbs on your window, as well as plants such as buddleia, which encourage bees to pollinate your garden.
These unsung heroes make life taste a whole lot sweeter and are as, if not more vital, than all these bankers hogging the headlines with their tears.
Tamara Cincik.

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