The Art Hotel Nest Tokyo 002 404 Not Fashion and a visit with the artist Mitsuaki Koshizuka

Mitsuaki Koshizuka

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had a great visit with Mitsuaki Koshizuka, he's a filmmaker/photographer and director of photography and will be proposing a film for ASVOFF 4. deadline for the next edition is June 30th.

Mitsuaki Koshizuka and his son in front of two of his images.

Tomorrow is the last day of 404 NOT FASHION at TABLOID: At 12h15 ASVOFF 2 will be projected, 13h15 ASVOFF Tokyo, 13h45 Talk Show with Miho Kinomura, DP and Maki Nomiya. 15h Fashion Show of MILKBOY, 17h45 BEST OF ASVOFF, 19h Talk Show, 20h15 ASVOFF Tokyo and of course the 9 Art Rooms will be open for your visit. Look forward to seeing you there.



All DIane's photos taken with SAMSUNG NX10

Diane Pernet

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