Lunch with Martin Webb at Nabi

Martin Webb

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Once upon a time , years ago, Martin Webb was my correspondent in Tokyo, now he is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Marc Jacobs in Japan. The last time we saw each other was in Tokyo in March 2009 when ASVOFF played Tokyo at the Cinema Rise X and Martin threw a party for ASVOFF at Le Baron in Tokyo.

Akiko, Martin and I had  a delicious Korean meal at Nabi Harajuku . The restaurant is owned by the charming Yongkwan and is highly recommended by me for both the fine cuisine and the serene atmosphere.


I have a fond memory of Martin taking me to showrooms in Tokyo and modeling the collections for me, at my request of course. At one point I said, "You look great in suits." and he responded, "I know." He was right of course but it still makes me smile when I think about it.




Diane Pernet

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