Sarah Perpich reports on The Hole presents BOY SESSION_Cody Critcheloe and SSION opens tomorrow in NYC

Cody critcheloe
104 Green Streen, NYC, 10012 212 226 3000

The exhibition includes video, painting, drawing and installation and will feature special guests Peggy Noland and Jaimie Warren. 

Cody Critcheloe is the front man and creative ringleader of SSION: a collaborative of creative kids in Kansas City. BOY is a feature length movie documenting Cody's life as a small town punk kid addicted to junk food, dreaming of starom who becomes a glamorous pop star with the help and hindrance of a gaggle of crazy dames. The pop-culture collage composites various music videos Cody made for SSION songs from 2007-09 and links together with mockumentary interviews, tour footage and cultural critique. 

Peggy Noland is a fashion designer making ooutrageous spandex concoctions and outfitting bands CSS and Tilly and the Wall. She has a shop in Kansas City. She takes self-portraits looing and being weird that cut to the heart of being young and bored and making your own fun in America. 



Diane Pernet

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