A Visit with VIncent Gagliostro for my ZOO Magazine NVU

Dear Shaded Viewers, 

Today  I went to visit Vincent Gagliostro in order to interview him for the next issue of ZOO Magazine. He's pretty busy these days preparing for hi upcoming show in Paris in October and working on his first feature film, but more about all of that in the next issue of ZOO.

Vincent Gagliostro wearing a Hilary Clinton t-shirt on the day of her daughters wedding.

Support Vincent Gagliostro on KICKSTARTER where he is trying to raise money for his film. Your support can buy 24 frames of the film for 24 EUROS. The way it works is the project will only be funded if he reaches his goal of 25,000 EUROS, minimum pledge is 10$. 





Diane Pernet

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