One Lake, Some Psychedelic Sheep and Lots of Laughter at Latitude. Words by Tamara Cincik, Photographs by Jeremy Fusco.

Last weekend, Jeremy and I took our new van (very excitingly we shall be 'vancationing' this August around England's beauty spots) on it's debut trip up to Suffolk this weekend for Latitude.


What I loved was the different areas of magic and fairy-dust fantasia to play with: from the cinema area, to the literary tent, from the faraway forest, to Pandora's Playground, from watching A Midsummer's Night Dream in the woods, or catching modern dance troupes performing at the lakeside.  

Learning with St Martin's Graduates about one student's dissertation on Female Teds Fashion at their woodland school and shed site.


Extravagant Eye Make-up and Apache Accessories at the Festival  


Outside The Pantheonic Empire's Pyramid Altar with a few believers.

At this point Latitude took a geniusly psychedelic slantways twister of a path, as i bumped into the lovely Carly, who I knew in her previous incarnation working as design assistant for JJ aka Noki, and who now seems to spend her weekends as the High Priestess of tie-dye designed lycra for the religion of hair and indeed everything called 'The Pantheonic Empire'.

Tamara about to be converted by gorgeous Goddess Carly 

Jonny Blue Eyes' Banner Waving Freedom Revolutionaries 

(Hear that Boris: you can take our tents, but you cannot take our freedom!)


A highlight: The Sonic Manipulator.

Imagine Sun Ra in a space suit with his own disco floor and a bike pump as a musical instrument, lighting up the darkness in a wood and you are part way there!..   


You NEED to get this Jeremy!  

Why am I not being pulled about it such a glory!?!  Apparently the parents have decorated it to match their camper van and their two girls sit in refined comfort, genius.  Next year…  

South London Munchkin Band Performing with the Hair Religion Tribe as Backing Tree Hugging Group.

Mini Stylers and Papa Orange

Hanging With My Girls.

For fluffy fun-times and side entertainments as alluring as the main acts, come join us next year, when hopefully I will actually get to shake Billy Bragg's hand…