Fashion Paella and then….the Vueling airline nightmare

Fashion Paella with Chicks on Speed on the beach 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Lunch was great and that is as close to the beach as I'll ever get. A car came to pick me up after lunch to drive me to the airport for my Vueling flight. I'd never heard of that airline so had no idea what I was getting myself into. Basically….a travelers nightmare. First the flight was one hour late, then two hours late, then two and a half hours late then …the flight was canceled, Orly closes at H, no hotel, no explanations, just no flight. 250 upset travelers. Finally the solution I found was to buy a ticket to Brussels then take the train to Paris and no sleep last night. Hope to get some tonight. I'd only seen things like this on the news. In the meantime my bottle of water opened in my Givenchy bag soaking the entire surface. I tried to dry it under the hand drier but it cut off constantly. Of course I had plenty of time because even though I was homeless in the airport I was not about to lie down and fall asleep.

The scene at Barcelona airport 5h this morning. I have no travel plans for the near future.



Diane Pernet

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