Where’s the party (ACNE Studio opens in London)

Hilary Alexander, Jonny Johansson and Daphne Guiness-1 

From Left: Hilary Alexander, Jhonny Johansson and Daphne Guinness.


ACNE is one of those brands that, whatever they do, they do
it right: can be a perfectly washed pair of jeans,a magazine that it's like a treat for those into beautiful publications, THE must-have accessory
of the season, or even the most simple peace of clothing like a printed t-shirt.
Now, imagine such design confidence and business acumen spread over the four floors of
a Georgian house in the heart of Mayfair.

Acne Accessories 2 

The accessory floor…

Acne Denim 

…and the Denim wall

 Conceived as a house more than a
megastore, the space meets the promise and the moment you step in, you