An extract from IHT’ s NVU with Riccardo Tisci, because I cannot get enough of this collection…

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Dear Shaded Viewers,

This is just a tiny extract from an interesting NVU by Susy Menkes for the IHT with the couture season's master, Riccardo Tisci.

Q. Let's take you back to your childhood. THis little town of yours is on the side of a cliff…

A. This little city-super-beautiful, super-baroque, very dark in a way. Very South Italian city, with a legend about finding mermaids swimming in the water. It's the Italy that not many people know-foreigners think about Sardinia, this beautiful paradise, or Sicily.

Taranto is very dark because it's very related to religion, but at the same time people are really happy and joyful and they party a lot, which is part of my personality. I've got darkness in my style, because it comes from processions, veils, the Virgin Maria, crosses and that suffering part of religion, which I love. And then I've got the happiness part of my life, which is the happy part of Riccardo Tisci

Please read the rest of the article and the video.

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