HIC ET NUNC (Ossarium animale) Work in Progress for the exhibition of Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos at Brachfeld Gallery 78 rue des Archives 75003 July 8th 19h-22h

 Dear Shaded Viewers,

We will keep the surprise for July 8th but I passed by the Brachfeld Gallery today. Graham is one lucky guy, his mother, who in her day job is a judge, came to Paris to help him with the construction of (Ossarium animale) and of course to be present at the exhibition. 

Graham Tabor and Phyllis

Tamara Sredojevic, one of my assistants and I passed by after the AVH show.

Miguel Villalobos showed up as we were leaving wearing one of their new bracelets from their accessory line .



Diane Pernet

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