ASVOFF Winner private screening in London

Zaiba 017 ready

Dear Diane, Dear Shader Viewers,

last night one was one of those that reminds me why I love east London and his vibe. Menswear designer William Richard Green and director Zaiba Jabbar were at Dalston Superstore, hosting a private screening of their fashion short film starring Green's aw10 collection, recently awarded in Milan as the winner of ASVOFF Light Series. I will never stop saying how cool is what ASVOFF is, as an initiative, tasting the ground of new videomaking stardards in fashion.

Zaiba 002 ready
William Richard Green & Zaiba Jabbar @ Dalston Superstore

And how cool was to meet these two young creative minds – the designer also produces his own music, as part of the duo Joe&Will Ask , while Zaiba collaborated with David David and more recetly with  Hermione De Paula on another video production - and to listen to their vision on style, visuals, connections (and translations) between music and fashion languages. Last, but very not least, the djset was by The Lovely Jonjo, a good friend of Zaiba and the mind behind Hot Boys Dancing Spot, one of the coolest underground venues in east end (I will keep you posted on future dates as it's a not-to-be-missed )

Zaiba & The Lovely Jonjo


From William Richard Green SS10