The 22 hour ride home

Dp mirror
Last minutes in the Golden Tulip hotel before Philippe Pourhashemi, Mary Jensen and I piled into the car for the long ride back to Paris. We crossed 5 countries in 22 hours. Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos are staying at the Residence Hotel in Bucharest till they can get a flight back to NYC. First available flight for them is not until Monday…

By the time we got to Vienna it was 4 h and nothing was open. We could not leave Mary Jensen here alone so we convinced her to stay the night in a hotel.

The charming hotel told her that she had to pay for the night but must check out at noon. She was not thrilled. By now it was 5h.


I took out my contact lens and nearly everything looked like this.

I'm happy to be home but will not really be happy until my friends Graham and Miguel get off the plane in NYC and that could be almost another week…



Diane Pernet

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