ShojI FUJII back in Paris

Shoji 21:4
Shoji Fujii at Toraya in Paris 

Dear Shaded VIewers,

Shoji just returned from Tokyo the day before the volcanic cloud…and as you know I just returned fro Transylvania, unfortunately Miguel Villalobos and Graham Tabor are still there waiting for a flight back to NYC , they are scheduled to leave on Monday…hopefully they love ABBA.

Shoji outside toraya
Shoji wearing his new Bernhard WIllhelm jacket

It seems every time we meet for lunch at Toraya I am out of Avignon. At CdG Parfums we appreciated the scent and packaging of the new Undercover Comme des Garcons collaboration.


Shoji brought me some teas from Kyoto and I am currently sipping Gyokuro. I remember the first time I ever drank Gyokuro, it was with my 4th husband and we felt that it was so precious that we should only drink it out of a thimble. Today I'm drinking it out of a cup.



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