Flower Bomb celebrates its 10th anniversary


Betony Vernon, Catherine Baba and Karen Binns , no one wanted to stand next to Betony because, as Karen said, she is too beautiful. The last time we were all together was on the rooftop of BETC for ASVOFF.
Jerry Stafford working his Anthony Price suit 

Catherine Baba

Karen Binns


I know you are seeing a lot of photos of me but I was running into all of my old friends, my day was being documented by Monia Kashmire for Puretrend…that is my excuse.



Tomorrow I'll post Rick Owens, waiting for Sonny's photos and my video to upload. It was BRILLANT, Beyond throbbing, wild, sexy, the best use of fur, patchwork, forget the sound track it was totally beyond. BRAVO Rick.

Diane Pernet

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