One month later_ a few Memories from my trip to Bucharest

>NLoredana gig, Bucharest Calling copy
 Loredana and my private concert

Dear Shaded Viewers,

 Dragos Olea just  sent me some photos from my trip last month to Bucharest. It's hard to believe that one month has already passed by.NAnca Mihulet, Diane Pernet and Olivia Mihaltianu @ Casa Armatei, Bucharest Calling copy 

lunch with curator Anca Mihulet and multi media artist Olivia Mihaltianu at Casa Armatei

NDiane Pernet and designer Silvia Serban at Idelier, Bucharest Calling copy 

Designer Silvia Serban at her shop Idelier

 NDiane Pernet and film director Paul Negoescu @add - business chance on art office 2, Bucharest Calling copy 

Film Director Paul Negoescu @ add-business chance on art office

NDiane Pernet @ Arc de Triumph, Bucharest Calling (2) copy 

Feeling quite like a gorilla by Bucharest's version of the Arc de Triomphe

NDiane Pernet and Loredana, Bucharest Calling copy
Chatting with Loredana

NDiane Pernet and Mirela Cozea branch manager @ Banca Romaneasca, Bucharest Calling copy
Mirela Cozea Branch Manager @ Banca Romaneasca, Bucharest

On my last day in Bucharest before giving my lecture, I went to the bank and was charmed when the Branch Manager came over to me and it turns out she is a Shaded Viewer. 

NOvidiu Buta, Diane Pernet and Joaquin Bonilla, Bucharest Calling copy
Ovidiu Buta and Joaquin Bonilla

NDragos Olea, Cristina Batlan, Roberto Batlan and Diane Pernet, Bucharest Calling copy 

Dragos Olea, Cristina Batlan, Roberto Batlan giving me a midnight tour of Bucharest

NBran Castle, Bucharest Calling copy

Last stop was a drive to Bran Castle



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