Rimology by Satch Hoyt and a preview of the ‘Celestial Vessel’


Chrome wheel rims, motion sensor, audio components accompanied by a soundscape Dimensions 151x94x11

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Satch has been a friend since the early 90's, he is a musician and visual artist who makes paintings and drawings, sculptures and installations accompanied with soundscapes. His work is a reflection on the African Disapora. The soundscape here employs a vocal excerpt from a 1940's recording of a Luba Congolese Catholic Mass over a deep dancehall beat with a subsonic bass line. 

Rimology explores the opulence of bling rooted in automobile culture from an Afro carribean soundsystem sensibility. This sonic trajectory vibrates throughout the African diaspora. Within its layering Rimology investigates the history of Jamacian music such as mento, Blue Beat, Ska, Reggae and Dub, which in turn found its way to the island via the middle passage. In the 1970's the BMW became the most desired car among Jamaicans and was fondly refered to as Bob Marley and the Wailers after Marley purchased a BMW for each of the wailers. In the UK Yardie context it was also known as The Black Man Wagon. Rimology also investigates contemporary Dancehall and Hip Hop asserting that these two defining cultures are amongst the major music signifiers in present day global youth culture.



Satch's 'Celestial Vessel' is part of a future Nasher exhibition. Celestial Vessel reflects his interest in the African Diaspora and his interest in music particularly through the vinyl record. Duke University commissioned 'Celestial Vessel' which will be part of 'The Record' an exhibition that will open in August 2010 at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke. The exhibit will include works in various media by artists whose subject matter is records.







Diane Pernet

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