ASVOFF screening at CPH:DOX and art talk with Henrik Vibskov

Henrik and Ada 

Henrik and Ada at my hotel, Henrik came to pick me up for CPH:DOX ASVOFF screening

Dear Shaded Viewers,

DP and Amdy 

I gave Amdy my video camera to film Henrik's and my talk, will post that later, Amdy never worked with such a small camera, he's a cameraman…aka Private Dancer.

It was a packed house.

Danish pop star
Aura, Danish Pop Star

All Diane's photos taken with Samsung ST550


There was a break after the first part of the screening and we all went to the top of the tower for a break.

Ann and DP 

Ann and DP

DP and HenrikMaria

CPH:DOX's Marie Skovgaard 
Screening is overTower up

one way to travel in the tower

Tower at night


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