Today is the last day of the festival ASVOFF at Passage du Desir

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The ASVOFF festival ends today, next stop Centre Pompidou on October 8th where we will announce the winners. Today is your last chance to vote for the films in competition.

Alia Raza Chloe copy

Alia Raza's films will open the last day of the ASVOFF festival. 

Today's program starts at 14h with "Kim Gordon", Chloe Sevigny" & "Devendra Banhart by Alia Raza. 


at 15h30 Chicks on Speed Retrospective

NBianca Pilet - Nanda

At 16h – 18h30 the films in competition will be screened for the third time

Roisin by rene copy

18h30 Roisin Murphy retrospective


19h Music Videos

We close the festival with a live concert- WOODKID accompanied by Julien Ribot (Piano, Guitar), Jerome Laperruque (Rhytmiques and Banjo) and Valentin Mussou (Violoncelle and Ukulele).


Diane Pernet

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