Ladies Who (Usually Don’t) Lunch

A very small (less than 20 seats) sun- filled restaurant with a delicate set menu

(lunch of 3 courses:30 euros per person; dinner of 4 courses:40 euros per person-
includes bubbly aperitif) run entirely by a talented & passionate
chef-owner-server-sommelier. Sounds familiar?
Unfortunately not. But puur personal cooking
in Antwerp stands as an exception to the tired out trend
in huge, franchised, noisy, $$$$ venues. 
The cooking of Steven de Smedt is star worthy. The store front 
is sharply designed (matte black, fennel green, zelige from Emery & cie)
around the big black Aga stove that is always on.
Vegetarians call ahead.
Photo, from l to r: Brigitte Speiring (of the Salt Warehouse Antwerp); Gerdi Esch (Head of
Fashion & Textile, Royal Academy, The Hague); Steven de Smedt (chef); Elisabeth Paillie (writer, Paris).


michael james o'brien
carpe diem