Fairyland, butterflies & pink sweets at Tamara & Jeremy’s Suffolk wedding of the year!!! Text: Tamara Cincik.

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one sunny day in suffolk (29th August 2009), i married my true love Jeremy in front of beloved friends and family.

i didn't wear white, i wore a gorgeous creation by Roksanda, we were married twice: a civil, then buddhist blessing, we had butterflies and bunting everywhere, girls wore wings to be an honorary bridesmaid and the sun shone down on our love and collective smiles. 

on our way from the civil wedding to the buddhist blessing under the tree festooned with evil eyes and handmade origami birds.

i wore a gorgeous dress by Roksanda Ilinicic, with a veil by hat maestro Stephen Jones and shoes by my mentor Christian Lacroix; Jeremy wore a suit and shirt by Kilgour, with a tie and handkerchief by Lanvin – work!!!!  Kenna did my hair, while the beauty Sarah Reygate worked make up magic on my face.


Saying our vows under the protection of the evil eye and dove tree.



Martin Aylward from the buddhist retreat centre Moulin des Chaves in France came to lead the blessing.


Marital smiles!


My two gorgeous bridesmaids Zoe and Anna wearing their fabulous Abilu hair pieces, designed (under my art direction!) perfectly for my beauties, Anna Trevelyan (of Dazed and Confused glory) wearing Bora Aksu, posies by Wild at Heart.



Alexia Somerville, Cynthia Lawrence-John and Karen Binns.


Entering the Tudor barn for the civil ceremony with my Babacim, being smiled at my the lovely Merryn Leslie.


Cheers and smiles for singer-songwriter Sukie Smith, who caught the bouquet.



mini fairyland fashionistas


admiring my beautiful ring – my great grandma's customised by the gorgeous Vicki at Erickson Beamon.


The fete where we played in pink (hairdresser Kenna, Anna Trevelyan and I with singers Lauren Wilce and Sukie Smith) under perfect Constable cloud formation sunshine.

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Pretty pastel fairy cakes and floral fabulosity.

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The London Gypsy orchestra play traditional Turkish 'halay' music, accompanied by the chef on vocals from my cousin's restaurant in Whitechapel Maedah (this is when things got geniusly random!), belly dancer Catherine Mobley dances with my father, while James Jeanette of shop 'Jeanette's' dances the halay (handkerchief) dance, led by my father.  Anna channels her inner Super Fairyness, Nova Dando and Margot Bowman get down to the grooves of debuting super dj, Deejay Cheez aka Claudia Solti, with groupie Zoe Kennedy, over from Oz to shine her headphones.

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take a chance on love and who knows what magic might await you in wonderland! 

Tamara Cincik.