A balmy night in Antwerp by Michael James O’Brien

Daniel Janssens

Daniel Janssens

The great Belgian painter, Luc Tuymans (with partner Daniel Janssens) is behind the re-opening of Mogodor, former louche lounge bar, in the Shone Kunsten (Museum) district of Antwerp, referred to as the South (Zuid) by locals, but actually a 7 minute tram ride from the center, and only a stones throw from the landmark Ann Demeulemeester shop. The bar is a work in progress. The sushi chef (weekends only), Juan Hernandez Daels is a Fashion Academy Graduate from Argentina. The opening gathering included artists, designers (industrial & fashion), students and pet dogs. Antwerp in June and the livin' is easy.
Juan Hernandez Daels serving sushi


Michael James O'Brien
Diane Pernet

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