Undercover to be the featured designer at the men’s fashion event Pitti Uomo 76

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Jun Takahashi, the creator of Undercover will be the next featured designer at the men's fashion event of Pitti Uomo 76. . 

P1300517  P1300526
Jun Takashi models Undercover

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Showroom models Undercover and I get an explanation about the fabric developments and how certain materials monitor the body temperature and make it cooler when you are hot and warmer when you are cold. Other fabrics make sure that when you get wet the damp does not pass through the fibers.

I will be posting a series of mini videos with Jun Takashi aka Undercover, he will tell you about the fabric research, the newly developed fibers, his upcoming exhibition in Florence this summer, etc. etc. I did not see a model for the women's clothes downstairs, I'll post some from the look book when I receive them.

More later,

Diane Pernet

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