Stefano reports from Milan: Gaetano Navarra, part 1


Dear Shaded readers,

It is the second day of fashion shows and Milan has yet to impress us with something  new out of the blue . Maybe it is just not the right time to propose something risky, dangerous and hot. At the same time, I must confess, some shows very really appealing to me, people like Frankie Morello or Navarra welcomed us with some interesting creative efforts and with clothes that aimed to be regarded  and to become part of our wardrobe for the upcoming season, they were not boring at all and in times like these, that is very much appreciated.

The Navarra' show had a strong electro-80s soundtrack, Goldfrapp's"Strict machine" among the songs, and a line-up of models that included Kinga, Tanya, Iekeliane, Olga and Iris, who -in all her androgynous beauty- opened the show. The collection has two souls: austere and grandiose. Both have found their icon in a Blade runner woman.