SO….photographs by Stephane Bouelle

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Ncou(cend)2The incredible metamorphose

Zezolla (Cendriella in this sicilian version), forgotten one day, confined to a corner the next, exiled from her bedchamber to the kitchen, from her canopy bed to the hearth, from brocade to rags, from the scepter to the turning spit. Her name, Zezolla, was lost and she was called thereafter “Cinderella Cat”. This is the story of a metamorphosis. That of a child into a puppet. And a puppet into a person. CHanges similar to the becoming of a butterfly. In her transformation, she gains a name, an amagam coming from “cinders” and “scullion” or the story of a young girl rolling in the ashes of her mother. And, only she has a name that tells a story. Her story. A story whose variations only differ in the causes of her loss of station, but who all agree on the essential: her recovery occurs in three separate moments. From love to insignificance, from insignificance to triumph.

Text and Photography by Stephane Bouelle

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