IBU Gallery current exhibition : Ted Muehling & Don Freeman and a few rings by ALAMOREAN until February 25th

Dear Shaded Viewers in Paris,

Back in the 80's in NYC I met Ted Muehling and the photographer Don Freeman. My friend, Pat Kurs, has worn only his accessories since as long as I can remember. Currently at the IBU Gallery in the Palais Royal you can find the collaboration of the artist Ted Muehling and Don Freeman. Ted's beautiful objects, jewelry and objects in porcelain and glass are the subject of a book " Ted Muehling: A Portrait by Don Freeman. Also on display are the rings of a young accessory designer  ALAMOREAN.

6a00d83451b0bd69e2010535e64bf2970b-800wiTed :Don Freeman

Above Ted Muehling by Don Freeman .


Ring by  Alina Alamorean Creations 

photos of Ted Muehling and Don Freeman courtesy  EYE PREFER PARIS

IBU Gallery, 11 rue Valois, 75001 located in the Palais Royal, the Gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 1 pm and 2pm – 7pm exhibition is up until February 25th
01 42 60 06 41


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