JOCKEY 75th Y-front brief anniversary & fashion designer CARLOS DIEZ DIEZ

Dear Diane, and dear shaded viewers,
Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the iconic Y-front brief by JOCKEY. The invitation was a brief and I can say that this is the first time that I ever wore the invitation, and I like it, it is very comfortable.
The exposition was made in collaboration with the designer CARLOS DIEZ DIEZ, he did his interpretation of the brief. Also on display was the history of the brief including the original models from the private collection of Volker Goerhardt, creative director of JOCKEY, and 10 innovative designs by CARLOS DIEZ DIEZ.
Andy Warhol's Jockey brief created for the cover of the Rolling Stone "Sticky fingers" 1983 was also on display.
The exposition will be show in Spain and Portugal.
The Andy Warhol brief.
Carlos y maniquies  
 And fashion designer Carlos Diez Diez who sends you sweet kisses Diane, and says hello to all the shaded viewers.
Maniquie carlos 2                  Maniquie carlos 3 
Mas                  Mas 2
Mas 3
 Carlos Diez Diez designs.
Multitud Mirando

Cristina                  Bonica  Felices fiestas con freixenet 

Crawford                  Vicente 
And finally the Jockey international crew. With the president in the middle, mr. Timothy R. Wheeler (in Lee jeans) and Enrique Cardenal from Jockey Spain to the right of Carlos Diez Diez.
The exposition will be show tomorrow with free entrance at "circulo de bellas artes" in Madrid.
I hope you like it,