December/January issue of MAGAZINE is now out

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Cover magazine

MAGAZINE just arrived in my mailbox and it is a real gift. FIrst you have the cover and the inside series by the always amazing photographer/filmmaker,  Erwin Olaf. His series is called Grief. Below are a few images. His short film Le Dernier Cri will always stay with me as a real treasure.

Grief 3

Grief image 4
Grief 5
Then you have the hard core artist Richard Billingham writing about his mother LIZ, his book Ray's Laugh remains one of my favorite, it was produced in 1996. I remember visiting the gallery in the Marais where his large images were hanging and being  totally blown away.It is a study of his family, find it….

Among other things, Magazine critics other magazines and this issue is all about design.

Magazine is directed by Angelo Cirimele and is available by subscription  - 5 -issues a year for 40 EUROS or out of France for 50 EUROS. Send your checks to ACP-Magazine 32, blvd de Strasbourg 75010 Paris or look for it at fine bookstores, galleries and museums. If in Paris you can pick it up at Palais de Tokyo, Musee d'Orsay, etc. etc.


Diane Pernet

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