Talent from Spain by FAD FIX / artist SAKRISTAN

Dear Diane, and dear Shaded Viewers,

today I would like to introduce you to the Spanish artist "SAKRISTAN". She is a multidisciplinary creator, has always mixed art, design and life to erase the limits between aesthetics codes, techniques and artistic languages… She has been living and creating in Italy, Africa, Brazil, New York, and now again in Spain. She has been soaking up fall of these different cultures so she can  create this kind of marvelous paintings. She usually paints in degrade places transforming  it into a new place of great value. Her artistic work and projects have been developed and exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Florence, Milan, Poland, France, Ghana, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Taiwan , San Francisco and New York. And she is one of the most adorable and special people that I've never met. I simply love her. 

Some of her paintings made it in a "Torah"
She usually explores about the different kind of beauties and the tribal ones.
In this picture, Sakristan painting in the wall of a gypsy village.
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You can see her work in the streets, in the best galleries around the world, or in the "HEADS OR TAILS"  book edited by ROJO EDITIONS Barcelona 2006. "


Or take a look to her website:

Hope you like it