ArtAids Foundation -photographic series of condom dresses commissioned by ArtAids in Amsterdam

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Cover, Viviane Sassen and Martine Stig in Moscow

Dear Shaded Viewers,

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Brazilian designer Adriana Bertini made five condom dresses which photographers Martine Stig and Viviane Sassen put in their suitcases and travelled to Moscow with them . Stig and Sassen scouted  around five locations in Mosow in search of young women -contemporary Cinderallas – to model the outfits. The result, 5 series of photographs.

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TO coinside with Aids Day (1 December) the ArtAids Foundation- an initiative of Han Nefkens- will ppresent the five new series of photographs by Viviane Sassen and Martine Stig. Two photographers, I might add, that I admire immensely. The photographs will present the life of 5 women in Moscow and are based on the 'condom dresses' by Brazilian designer Adriana Bertini. Cover will be exhibited from 29 November 2008 until 1 February 2009 at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht and from 19 March until 5 May 2009 at the Academic Medical Centre (University of Amstrdam). ArtAids is donating the proceeds of the sales to an Aids project in Thailand.

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A book  entitled Cover -Viviane Sassen/Martine Stig is being published by Veenman Publishers. It contains all the photographs from the five series and an introductory text. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to support HIV-NAT. The retail price is 19.95 EUROS. 

ArtAids has published the Cover series in an edition of eight copies in co-production with the Motive Gallery in Amsterdam. The retail price is 3,250.00 EUROS  per portfolio of 7 or 8 photographs. 2,000 EUROS from each portfolio goes towards HIV-NAT in Bangkok.
for information about the sales: Motive Gallery 
for information about the exhibition at the Centraal Museum please contact: Marje Douma, Centraal Museum +31 30 236 2313 or fax +31 30 233 2006

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