SUP&PREM shop 25th anniversary party by FAD FIX

The party was for the 25th anniversary of the SUP&REM shop in Madrid and it was totally crazy. Actors, designers, politicians, artists and a lot of good champagne with spanish ham (jamon serrano). The guest star was DJ, Piotr from JULIAN RED.
And as a special gift, Paul Smith and Nudie Jeans designed an anniversary t-shirt for the shop.



In this picture, Rafa Rodriguez from “Fake magazine” and “metropoli magazine”, Carmen (the owner of the shop), and the amazing fashion journalist Sara Saez from “Yo Dona magazine” (she is one of the most important fashion specialist in Spain).


In this one, Carmen with Jesus and Pedro Zerolo. One of the most important politicians in Spain. He achieved the gay marriage in Spain. And he is already working for the rights of gays, lesbians and transsexuals and for a just policy for all.


The guest star Piotr from Julian Red. (he is very nice)


The spanish artists RUBENIMICHI . They made amazing paintings. Im sure you will like them. Ill talk more about them here very soon. (maybe they should make a painting of you Diane) Take a look at their website

At the end of the party, people went totally crazy dancing with the good music of Piotr (also with the effects of the champagne hee hee )


Me (fad fix) with Piotr from Julian Red. We send you greetings Diane.

Happy Birthday SUP&REM

Love Love
F A D F I X (today with hangover ^_^)