Julia Muggenburg and her indulgent new beauty line – Belmacz Beauty

Dear Shaded Viewers,


Julia Muggenburg the designer behind Belmacz has just released Belmacz Beauty. Belmacz Beauty is a fusion between make-up and adornment, exotic materials kiss the skin in a special kind of alchemy, part cult and part chemistry-turning pearls and gold into truly wondrous potions which enhance the body, fire the imagination and feed the soul…..now what more can you ask for in a beauty product?

As a lover of art and anthropology her intriguing combination of precious materials and organic oils seems all too natural. She evokes the way in which Rennaissance painters used ground minerals to create pigments.

Halo Ointment is formulated from tiny flakes of gold blended with crushed pearls and organic oils. Holistic and discretely glamorous.


Belmacz Lip Gloss has an intense luminosity achieved by the use of 24-carat gold leaf, evoking the way in which Rennaisance painters mixed crushed minerals with oils to create their sumptuous colour palettes. Available in Scarlet, Ruby, Moonstone, Magenta and Cornelian.


Halo is currently stocked in Colette and Cult Beauty price 44 EUROS, lip gloss 29 EUROS




Diane Pernet

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