ANDAM fashion award 2008-Gareth Pugh

Dear Shaded Viewers,

All week I’ve been meaning to go to events and then deciding against it at the last moment but tonight I was determined not to miss the dinner given in honor of Gareth Pugh and his 150,000 EUROS ANDAM prize. The location was the Cha Cha club. I was very happy to be seated at Gareth’s table.

Gareth and Carson and 3 beauties wearing Gareth Pugh.


The announcement took place in the room next to where we were dining. In the car going home with lovely and sexy Michelle Lamy and Rick Owens, Rick showed me the ANDAM award, a black crystal by Swarovski.

Rick Owens with Gareth’s ANDAM crystal.

Rick asked me if I was one of the people locked out of his show….he’s going to send me the video so I won’t feel that I missed the show completely.



Diane Pernet

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