Liquid Love Spoon by Lucy Fry as part of Lucid Intervals

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Lucid Intervals – Going into a state where you can’t stop imagining is an exhibition curated by Zowie Broach and Anna-Nicole Ziesche. It will be held from 10.9 – 15.9 at The Rag Factory Gallery 16-18 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ.

The students participating are from the University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design. This summer I was invited to critic the MA Fashion Design class at the University, students studied under Anna-Nicole Ziesche and Zowie Broach of Boudicca.

Liquid Lovespoon by Lucy Fry
One of the students was Lucy Fry. Lucy’s project was an autobiographical account of out-of-body experience. “The confusing, intense yet delicate feeling of being separated from ones own body in sleep state. Senses come alive between the ambivalent transcending worlds of life and death, vision or hallucination, Science or Spirituality.” said Lucy Fry.

Lucy Fry

Sunday 14 September there will be a special event 17h – 20h at The Rag Factory Gallery.



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