Friends and a visit to Colette -Solve Sundsbo Perroquet exhibition

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Paris is back in action. I had lunch with my friend, photographer Shoji Fujii in one of our favorite Japanese restos.

Shojii Fujii

THere was a marriage taking place in front of my post office, I could not resist taking this photo of the happy couple.


Julien Bertic just got back from Dubai today, we were trying to figure out when to meet so I thought, why not meet today at the Solve Sundsbo Perroquet exhibition at the newly redecorated Colette.

Julien Bertic

If I had a spare 9,000 EUROS I would love to own one of Solve’s videos. Actually it would be even better to own three as the bird flew from one screen to the next. It is quite hypnotic and you don’t even have to feed them.

Solve Sundsbo Perroquet

The exhibition is up until September 27th.

“These pictures are a sum of a lifelong love of nature documentaries. National Geographic and my later work with fashion photography. Birds have a sartorial quality which in a sense is a pure form of fashion.” Solve Sundsbo

Afterwards Julien took me to dinner to my favorite Italian resto.

Julien Bertic back in Paris



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