Takeunder -14 year old djs at the New Medusa Lounge tonight


while other kids at 14 are playing rock band and cruising the mall, jake, casey, shane and sam along with a couple other kids from the palisades have been refining cool by absorbing and remixing music to dance to. they take it super serious and have some pretty hardcore equipment and funky skills that they’re excited to show off. i did a private party with them as a test run last month and they totally blew all my people away.

we’ve got a cool spot at the new medusa lounge, formerly some crazy german restaurant beer house, on 3211 beverly boulevard (east side!!!) that actually agreed to let us open it up to an all ages thing. so imagine throwing back a beer or a $5 drink special after work while these suuuper cute djs and their groupies come out to show us old folks what it means to really enjoy a party… we hope you can join us and give a big thanks to caroline and melissa, our summer interns, who worked hard together to make this all happen for us.

check out some of the boys’ music at myspace.com/thetakeunder and spread the word!!! let me know if you want to book them for a partay…

Sarah Shewey

Diane Pernet

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