NVU with slobodan mihajlovic

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Slobodan Mihajlovic was the winner of the Marie Luisa award at ITS2. I’ve been following their collection ever since.

DP: Where did you grow up and how did fashion enter your life?

S&F: Somehow was very clear from the beginning. Since I was little my mom and my older sister were always trying to make some special clothes for me. That made me into a baby fashion victim. From this step to becoming a fashion designer was really quick. Filippo got interested in fashion through Slobodan even though he was always following fashion news.


DP: Take me through the journey of how you met and why you decided to design together and how you came up with the name Starplusstar?

S&F: Starplusstar was our first name and still exist between us, but lately we only use slobodan mihajlovic. we are saving our first name for future projects.
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