Robert Rauschenberg: the erased image of de Kooning by RR and love skeletons crying for him

“He believes in unfettered creativity, the importance of instinctive responses, and the power of the moment; censorship and editing are anathema to him,” art historian Robert S. Mattison wrote in his 2003 book, “Robert Rauschenberg: Breaking Boundaries.”
Erased image of de Kooning by Robert Rauschenberg

“I’m curious,” he said in 1997, in one of the few interviews he granted in his later years. “It’s very rewarding. I’m still discovering things every day.” Robert Rauschenberg

love skeletons crying for him

“I feel as though the world is a friendly boy walking along in the sun.” Robert Rauschenberg
Images and quotes thanks to Boudicca

YouTube video of Rauschenberg discussing one of his most controversial works, the erased Willem de Kooning above.

Considered one of the most influential American artists of the 20th century, Robert Rauschenberg died on May 12 at the age of 82.



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