the Production meeting for the 23rd edition of the festival d’Hyeres and ‘The Diane’ from Bless

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It’s all been quite mysterious but I got this e mail from Bless

hello diane,
your “diane” is ready for you and 2 interns are dying to deliver it
to you in person.
are you in paris at the moment and could they pass by to bring it to
you and “see you in real ?”
spring greetings,

I had no idea what it was but since I was going to be at Antoine’s for our pre-production meeting for the festival d’Hyeres, I suggested that they pass by. I should have taken their photos, I guess I was too involved with trying on the ‘Diane.’

Yoann Lemoine, Antoine Asseraf and Justin Morin

Yoann Lemoine got a conference call about the time that the Bless interns came over with the ‘Diane’. Here are three interpretations of the hat. When I look at this image it reminds me of the night that Waris came to New Delhi. Waris, Robb Young and I went out to a party. We waited a long time for the driver and I guess during that period a lot of people at the hotel saw Robb, and I with Waris. Next night the head of the India Fashion Week asked me if he could ask a personal question, I said he could ask, he wanted to know, having seen me with Waris, if I wore my hair like this because I was a Sikh. I wonder what he would say if he saw me tonight?

DP in Bless It looks pretty great from the side but the photo was just too close.

Antoine Asseraf in Bless

Yoann Lemoine in Bless




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