Dear Shaded Viewers,

Franca_in_les_deux_abeilles Franca Soncini and Tilda

Everyone is in town today for Le Book , there is a party tonight given by i-D Le Book and Jeu de Paume, wish that I could go but I have a date with my computer. We were only separated once today when I went to meet two friends, Franca Soncini and Sonny Vandevelde, both here for Le Book.

Franca is never without Tilda, her dog. It was a constant love affair between Tilda and Franca, Tilda and Sonny and Tilda and a little boy that wanted to take her home.

Angela Esteban Librero and Miguel Villalobos.

I know I said you’d seen the last of the NYC pics but here is another one, it just arrived today from Napoleon Habeica with Angela Esteban Librero and Miguel Villalobos.




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