Breakfast turned into dinner chez Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The plan was breakfast but it ended up as an early dinner. Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos went to the farmers market at Union Square and joined me at my friend Jeffrey Miller’s apartment. Jeffrey lives about a block away from my old apartment on West 11th street. It was all a bit nostalgic since I had not been in his apartment for about 17 years. I had visions of when I was taking care of his Siamese cats and one gave birth…it all took place in a closet. I quick called my friend Randy to come over and help me as I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. All these old funny memories came rushing back to me.


Aren’t these the most beautiful eggs that you’ve ever seen?

We could not get over the size of the duck’s egg.

I am discovering all of my friends cooking talents, last night it was Glenn’s guacamole and today Graham’s eggs.

Miguel Villalobos and Graham Tabor -‘Breakfast’ ended and I was ready for my bed.



Diane Pernet

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