Armory Show New York

Dear Shaded Viewers,


My friend Vincent Gagliostro and I decided to take in the Armory show at the Piers. I only took a few images.




Vincent Gagliostro and I and I could not resist this art dealer from the back.

I only thought about taking photos near the end but there was a definite fish theme going on, there were ones with flesh and others with only their skeleton left, they were painted or appeared as sculptures and here as a menu.


I ran into an old friend, Ophra Shemesh who was having a show I AND THOU at the Freight Volume Gallery on 542 West 24th Street, so after the Armory, Vincent and I went there. The show ends on the 29th. Ophra is a good friend of the director Amos Gitae, she was the art director and the actress in Golem l’esprit de Exile. I did the costumes for the two principle actors and Ophra was in every seen, her husband in the film was played by Samuel Fuller. It was my first job in Paris and Ophra was a client of mine when I was a designer she says she still has and wears my clothes.

Ophra Shemesh and one of her paintings from I and Thou, the theme of her show was submission.

Ophra Shemesh and Yayoi Kusama

In the show I saw John Waters, we both smiled. I was thinking, I should have taken a photo for the blog but I did not…then when we left, John was first in the taxi line, I should have invited him to Glenn’s party for me tonight….

John Waters



Diane Pernet

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