Dear Shaded Viewers,

Graham Tabor , Miguel Villalobos and Henrik Vibskov

This morning started with a visit to Romeo’s showroom to see the Callioppe collection. We decided to do a rather 80’s style Italian Vogue shoot with everyone putting on Elaine’s designs.


Miguel shoots Elaine, the designer behind Callioppe.

THen it was off to the showroom of Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto. Everything is going great with the brand, great reviews, best sales ever and many projects. Lunch with Henrik Vibskov who is enjoying the experience of being a buyer for his multi brand shop and of course, Miguel Villalobos and Graham Tabor.


Next was a visit to Tranoi and Yoshiko Creations

Yoshiko at Tranoi modeling her designs.

Then it was time to return the voodoo monkey coat that I had borrowed from Mr. Pearl to keep me warm in Stockholm and after a lovely visit we decided to go to dinner.

Mr. Pearl and Graham Tabor and Miguel Villalobos

Robb Young and I then went to the Colette /Self Service party where we stayed about half an hour. Fashioned out for the moment.



Diane Pernet

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